Green Construction Practices

According to the U.S. Green Building Council “more than half of consumers rank green and energy-efficiency as top requirements for their next homes.” More and more, homeowners are conscious of the impact their homes are making on the environment. As a core competency of Daniel Kurtis Custom Homes, environmental sustainability isn’t just about reducing environmental impact but building beautiful homes that are efficient and sustainable. With proven experience in LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) construction practices, we’re committed to incorporating the latest innovations in environmental sustainability.

Sustainable Materials

Using materials that are known to have low environmental impact, possess significant recycled content, as well as using reclaimed materials are one of the many ways builders are reducing environmental impact. While these materials are rarely what you see on the surface of the finished product, they do much to enhance the efficiency and sustainability of a home.

Energy Efficient Equipment

From windows to solar panels and insulation to appliances and HVAC systems, there are a number of different ways to enhance a structure’s water and energy efficiency. While there is often an increased cost on the front end, these approaches to energy efficiency represent significant savings over time. Nevertheless, we’re committed to finding innovative environmental solutions to match the needs of our clients.

Whether you’re looking to build a LEED certified home or simply hoping to be as efficient and environmentally friendly as you are able, we are leaders in the field of environmental sustainability and will work with you to realize all of your goals.


June 7, 2017


Kris Herzog



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