Building a home shouldn’t be a stressful endeavor. Identifying the right builder is a significant part of ensuring a successful and enjoyable project. At Daniel Kurtis Custom Homes, we pride ourselves on providing our clients not only a superior quality home but a clear, and seamless process.

How We Can Help You

  • Quality—We love and believe in our work. We do not cut corners and are tenaciously committed to providing our clients the highest in quality craftsmanship.
  • Clarity—Clear communication is essential to any successful project. We ensure our clients clear communication from concept to completion.
  • Efficiency—Our value engineering will ensure the most possible home for your money.
  • Sustainability—Incorporating best practices in energy efficiency and sustainability allows us to build a high-performing home that will save you money over time and reduce environmental impact.

Site Acquisition & Analysis

If you’ve yet to identify a property on which to build, we can assist you in finding the ideal site by leveraging our network of real estate professionals and knowledge of available properties. Once a property is identified, we’ll do a thorough analysis to determine any unique characteristics or challenges before you purchase. A thorough understanding of the property (soil conditions, slope, wetlands, water or sewer issues) will help ensure a smooth building process and an accurate cost of your project.

Concept & Cost

We’ll help you develop a comprehensive plan for determining the design, layout, and interior selections for the home you’re envisioning. By carefully scrutinizing your design, our value engineering will eliminate any potential inefficiencies giving you the most possible home for your money. Our clients will know how much their home will cost before construction begins, and any changes in cost will occur only as a result of your decision.

Construction Schedule

Once we move from concept to construction, you’ll have access to your construction schedule in order to monitor progress. In addition to the construction schedule, you’ll be able to view pictures and drone footage of your home as it nears completion as well as any pertinent information related to changes you may decide to make during construction.


A third party inspection firm will verify all insulation and mechanical installations are sound and poised for optimal performance. While most builders offer an industry standard 12 month home warranty, we provide an 18 month home warranty in the unlikely event that you should you need us after completion.

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